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Go camping in Croatia!

Croatia is an ideal country for camping. There is a perfect camping spot for every type of camper or to find. Along the beautiful coastline with its many islands and beaches most of the camp-grounds can be found, they come in all shapes and sizes. from large luxury campsites with multiple pools, beaches, restaurants, rental of tents, caravans and cottages …

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Visit the abyss in Pazin Istria

The town of Pazin is first mentioned in the year 983AD as the property of the Bishop of Porec, and it is strategically located in the centre of Istria. The town has a nice citadel on top of a 130m high cliff. The citadel was called Castrum Pisinium, but it got it’s castle looks in the 16th century. Now it …

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Stunningly beautiful nature in NP Telašćica

One of the great attractions for visitors of Croatia is it’s magnificent and varied nature. Here I describe a special nature park: Nature park Telašćica! Mainly visited by tourists during the hot summer months, but in late spring and autumn this place is also beautiful to visit. The park consists mainly of the blue water of the Adriatic sea that …

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Delicious Croatian wines!

Even though Croatia is not known as a “wine country” many different types of wine are produced here. Most of this wine is consumed in Croatia, and therefore there is not much left for export and outside Croatia their wine is not very well known yet. All types of wine is made in Croatia; sparkling wine, rosé, white and red …

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Croatian cuisine in autumn

The autumn months are great for a delicious culinary holiday in Croatia, the harvest is ready and now we can enjoy the culinary treats! The grape harvest is done, just the sweet muscat grapes are still harvested, the forests are full with beautiful edible and non-edible mushroom, the chestnuts fall together with the yellow, orange and brown autumn leaves. In …

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Underground adventures in Baredine cave

Baredine cave was, in 1995, the first caves to open for public in Istria. You can go on a 40 minutes long guided tour and see the magical underground wonders of the effect of water on stones and minerals, creating beautiful sculptures. Nature has created here quite an astonishing underground cave, with large 10m high curtains of stalactites where an …

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Star gazing in Višnjan, Istria

Historical towns like Višnjan located in the western part of central Istria are worth a visit. The geographical location of Istria has played a mayor role in shaping it’s history. Here the Slavic, Roman and German cultures met. The ages of the Romans, the middle ages (Charles the great, Charles V), the Venetians, the Habsburgers, the Italians and even of …

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Beautiful vistas from Čevo in north Croatia

Fancy a nice hike with as a reward stunning panoramic views over rolling fields, villages, towns, a castle and forests? I’ve found the perfect walk, just intense enough for a good workout, but not too long that you loose a whole day and you will be rewarded with great views. The walk is from the parking lot in the village …

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Enjoy Cres, the island of the Griffon vulture!

We made a visit to the beautiful island Cres one of the northern islands of Croatia, reachable by a short ferry ride from the island Krk, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge, or from the coastal town Opatija. After leaving the ferry we drove uphill and went northwards on the nice country roads of the island. The …

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