Croatia4me specifically aims to offer and present tourist information about Croatia as a holiday destination for Dutch tourists.

Our company consists of Croatian and Dutch colleagues. We specifically aim to offer and present tourist information about Croatia as a holiday destination for Dutch tourists. We can offer this tourist information as seen through the eyes of Dutch and local Croatian residents. Our tourist information about Croatia, as a holiday destination, is specifically adapted to Dutch tourists, who have specific interests and demands. The Dutch tourists are not familiar with the division of Croatia by regions, such as continental and coastal as used by most tourist boards, and the facilities required by our Dutch guests are beyond just the beach and the sea destinations, the national parks (Plitvice) and top destinations (Dubrovnik, Split, Istria) in Croatia. Dutch guests love to explore and discover new areas, usually with their own transportation. There are two distinct groups of Dutch tourists, the ones that use campers and tents in which they have secured their comfort, and a growing senior population that likes more comfort, good food and more culture and rural destinations outside the main summer season.

However, for a comfortable holiday both groups need information about traffic connections, the availabilities of camping’s, apartments and hotels in the interior of Croatia, where, how, to whom to report, the cost of services, the time of year when you can go and what to see. Apart from the top destinations along the coast, the Dutch are interested in areas in the interior of Croatia and local folklore, not well presented by current tourist information websites about Croatia.

Our goal is to present Croatia as an interesting, multi-dimensional tourist destination, with emphasis on the possibilities for the above mentioned distinct tourist groups. Tourist information about Croatia offered on our website is formed so as to be as most interesting to our Dutch visitors!

In this way, we have adjusted the tourist information offered about Croatia in different categories in the menu on top of our website. We want to display tourist information about Croatia as a whole, cities, regions, lesser known areas in the interior of Croatia, coast and islands, cultural destinations such as museums, local festivals, castles.

We do not sell travel packages to Croatia, are not able to assist with making reservations, translations and mediations in (legal) matters of any kind. No rights can be derived from the information displayed on our website

The internet is currently the most effective way to reach potential clients right into their homes and 24 hours a day. The possibilities of advertising through the internet, with access not only to fixed computers, portable laptops, but ever increasingly to mobile phones and tablets is unlimited. Through internet advertisement an ever increasing target audience can be reached and interacted with. As in the Netherlands, especially the senior population is increasingly using tablets and mobile Smart phone’s to organize their lives and thus also their holiday planning. Therefore, it is of most importance that your advertisement is available on websites that are suited for and supports mobile applications.

We offer advertisers on our website a unique access to the Dutch tourist, through the knowledge of Dutch interests in holiday destinations by our Dutch colleagues, combined with the local knowledge of our Croatian colleagues.

Our approach is unique in a way as to increase Dutch tourism to Croatia outside the main summer holiday season, into interior regions and by a larger and more varied target audience (demographic). The interior of Croatia is underdeveloped in terms of tourism offer, however it has a lot of potential in terms of natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, it is of most importance to attract specific target groups of tourists to these regions, to assist and motivate further development of these tourist opportunities.

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