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Visit Croatia for a wonderful delicious gourmet trip!

Ask around which restaurants serve local dishes and let yourself be surprised by the delicious local recipes. From Mediterranean cuisine at the coast to continental dishes with local ingredients and inspired by Turkish and Austrian-Hungarian kitchen. Each region can be proud of their specific local delicious dishes. In the interior try a nice fresh white wine with the well known ‘Wiener schnitzel’ made from either chicken, turkey, veal or pork, or try the ‘Zagebacki schnitzel’ with a slice of ham and cheese in it, home-made pasta, fresh water fish and home-made sausages.
Fresh sea fish prides every menu along the Adriatic coast; ask for the day fresh fish and advise about which way it can be prepared. Bakes on a wood fire, or encrusted in a thick layer of salt!

Croatian olive oil is worth the try, more spicy and with stronger flavour than other Mediterranean olive oils. Many restaurants and families along the coast make their own olive oil, some olive oil producers offer a tasting, just try it! A splash of olive oil over a freshly bakes fish gives just the right touch to it.

Lovers of sweets are just at the right place in Croatia! Throughout the country in every bakery,‘slastičarnica’, you find the most delicious cookies and cakes, try a few of them.

Even though Croatia may not be well known as a wine producing country, it boasts a wide variety of bubbles, white, rose and red wines! Most is produced and consumed by the local market, with just a couple of larger wine houses exporting their wines. In wine-producing areas you can follow a wine road and along the way try some wines, especially in Istria, Peljesac on the coast and in the interior in the regions of Moslavina, Zagorje and Medjimurje many delicious wines are produced. Each area producing their own specialities!

Next to wine, most people will try some of the local ‘rakija’, a strong alcoholic drink made from fruit.

Visit Croatia for a wonderful delicious gourmet trip!

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