Marija Bistrica

Largest pilgrimage town in northern Croatia!

Close to Zagreb, on the northern hillside of the mountain Medvednica, and worthwhile a visit for anyone interested in religion and religious history. It is one of the best known pilgrim places of Croatia. Since 1334 a church has been located at this site and is best known for its wooden black Madonna with child which still calls for devotion.

Pope John Paul II has visited Marija Bistrica on October 3rd 1998 and beatified the Croatian cardinal Aloysius Stepinac in front of half a million Croats (about 1 eight of the total population!), with almost 90% of Croats as Roman Catholic it is one of the most catholic countries in the world.

Church in Marija Bistrica

  • Church of our Lady of the Snows, in 1923 granted the status of minor Basilica

Tourist Information Centre Marija Bistrica
address Zagrebačka bb, 49 246 Marija Bistrica
telephone +385 49 468 380

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