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muziek festival

Traditional song and dance are important cultural pillars in Croatia, each region has its own unique style of music, clothing, songs and instruments. Along the coast you will hear group of 3-5 men singing in the evening while you saunter through the narrow marble covered streets of a coastal town or fishing village. They sing the traditional ‘klapa’, an a Capella sung songs about the sea and love. Many festivals and events are organized in the summer months, for everyone to see and hear many traditional Croatian dance, song and products.

Besides traditional music Croatians value classical music and dance and there are many performances throughout the country in theatre and opera houses. Several town organize events with special focus on classical music, like Baroque evenings in Varazdin.

More modern music forms like Jazz, Blues, and Rock are very popular and every town has its places where almost every weekend live concerts are played.

In summer months modern Dance, Trance, Techno and DJs are to be enjoyed at the islands of Pag and Hvar where never ending beach parties attract young people from all over the world.

Zagreb Summer Evenings Music Festival
Mediterranean Folklore Encounters Porec

Jazz Music
Liburnia Jazz Festival Opatija
Jazz-is-Back Groznjan

DJ/Modern Music/Rock
Hideout Music Festival Zrce Beach
IN Music Festival Zagreb

Classical Music
Music Biennale Zagreb
Varazdin Baroque Evenings

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