The magical bicycle network along the Mura River

CYCLE IN A NETWORK 2.0 (CIAN) is a circular cross-border route running through the regions of Međimurje and Podravina in Croatia, and Zala in Hungary. It connects the regions along the rivers Drava and Mura with the shore of Lake Balaton. It includes the Danube-Drava and Balaton-felvidéki national parks in Hungary, and the Mura-Drava Regional Park in Croatia, which is also part of the international Mura-Drava-Danube biosphere reserve, protected by UNESCO.

The total length of the route is 263 km, which can be cycled in about ten hours by an experienced amateur/competitor and in two days by a fit cyclotourist. A relaxed family tour would take three to four days. The Hungarian section is slightly rolling, with frequent short inclines, while the Croatian section is completely flat. The cumulative elevation amounts to 1,600 metres. This means that the route is less demanding with regard to the terrain configuration, but its length still contributes to its difficulty, requiring primarily stamina and physical fitness.
The route is marked by signposts and can be joined at any of its points. It runs along local low-traffic roads, with partially built cycling lanes along the road. The trail is asphalted along its entire length, and the quality of the surface varies. The best section runs through Međimurje, the section in Podravina is of a slightly uneven quality, while in Zala the asphalt has deteriorated in some sections, even though the overall impression is satisfactory. In Međimurje, there are rest stops every five kilometres, equipped with modern facilities.

Apart from the beautiful natural landscape, the route runs through the following towns: Nagykanizsa, Čakovec, Prelog and Koprivnica, which have beautiful centres and interesting cultural and historical attractions (old manors, museums, galleries). On the route, you can also visit villages that offer an experience of the rural architecture and peaceful living in Pannonia with traditional crafts, ethnographic collections and sacral monuments. The above places offer the complete support related to cycling such as repairs as well as parts and equipment for sale. The Hungarian section in particular boasts the tourist spa of Zalakaros, well-maintained rest stops along Lake Csónakázó near Nagykanizsa and by the lake in Gyékenyés. The Croatian part has the largest offer of tourism facilities along the Drava and lake HE Dubrava near Prelog, apart from the towns.

The accommodation capacities tailored to cyclists bear the Cyclist Welcome sign, and are available along the entire route together with a rich gastronomic offer.

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