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Truffle days in Istria

Super event to try these delicious exclusive truffles from Istria!


In the month of October, the top season for the exclusive white truffle, Istria is under it’s the spell! At multiple locations truffle events are organized especially in the towns of
Buzet, Motovun and Livade. Restaurants serve truffles in typical regional dishes which are delicious!

The truffle is a delicacy and is one of the most prestigious foodstuffs in world gastronomy. This intense flavoured mushroom was known to the ancient Greeks and the Roman emperors, and it was served at the French court and among the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy.

It is very rare and it grows only in several locations in Europe – in some parts of France and Italy and in Istria, favoured by the climate, small temperature variations and unique characteristics of the soil.

You can find more information on the website of the official tourism office of Istria


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