Sisak is the so-called town of Croatian victories

Located on the confluence of three rivers, Kupa, Sava, and Odra, Sisak is a city in central Croatia just 60km south-east of the capital Zagreb. This town has the biggest river-port in Croatia and is a centre for rivers shipping industry. Siscia, as Sisak was known during the Roman Empire, had a Roman mint that produced coins under a series of emperors between 262 and 383 AD. The Christian martyr ‘Quirinus of Sescia‘ is the patron saint of Sisak – he was tortured and nearly killed during Diocletian’s (see also Diocletians palace in Split) persecution of Christians.

A must see in Sisak is the triangular fortress of the Old Town dated from the 16th century, the fort is well-preserved and turned into the Native Museum. The fortress is famous for the victory of the joint forces of Croats, Austrians and Carniolans (Slovenes) over the Ottoman Turks in 1593, known as the Battle of Sisak. This was the first blow to the up ’till then seemingly invincible Ottoman army in Europe.

What to see in Sisak
– Baroque palace of Mali Kaptol
– Classicist Veliki Kaptol
– brick Stari most (“Old Bridge”) over the river Kupa
– ethnological park

Old Town Fort
Obala Tome Bakača Erdödya, 44000 Sisak

Opening hours
25 may – 1 October
Tuesday – Friday 12.00 -18.00
Saturday – Sunday 12.00 – 20.00

Tourism Office Sisak
Tourism Office of the region Sisačko-moslavačka županija