Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod a historic river city with fort and beautiful nature

Located in east Croatia about 200 km south-east of the capital Zagreb, Slavonski Brod is a city with a population of about 80,000 inhabitants and is located along the river Sava. The city developed at the strategically important crossing over the Sava river toward Brod in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Already known as a historical settlement from Roman times, when the town was called Marsonia. It was strategically positioned to control traffic across the river Sava, and blossomed as a centre for crafts and trade. The early inhabitants of the town were the Slavs who lived there in the 6th century. The Vukovac fortress was built in the 15th century, but was damaged by the invading Turks. After the Turkish invasion the Ottoman Empire ruled the city from 1526 until 1691, after that it was taken over by the Empire of Austria. Until 1918, the city ‘Brod’ remained under control of the Austrian monarchy, and as the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia after the compromise of 1867.

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  • Along the river is a recently restored Franciscan monastery dating from 1725 with a baroque Trinity church with numerous sculptures, paintings and decorated altars.
  • There is the Brod fortress, build from 1715-1780 by the Austrian empire along the river Sava. Together with other fortified baroque towns of Slavonia, namely Osijek and Stara Gradiška, they belonged to the great defense system on the border of the empire towards the Turkish Empire. This defence system was designed by the prince Eugene of Savoy.
  • The regional Museum (Muzej Brodskog Posavlja) exhibits historical documents and archaeological findings from the region.
  • In June an annual folklore festival takes place, called Brodsko kolo, it is the oldest folklore festival in Croatia and there is plenty to see and do. Like art exhibitions, children’s festivals, parades of festively decorated horse-drawn carts, traditional song folklore and costume display.
  • A little farther away, about 7km north-west of Slavonski Brod, you can visit the artificial lake “Petnja” a few kilometres north-east of the town Sibinj. A magnificent view with the blue water en green surrounding forests, perfect for walking on the forest roads, and there are opportunities for fishing and water sports.

Tourism office Slavonski Brod

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