Marriage & Honeymoon

Your wedding in Castle Bezanec

A fairy-tale castle wedding


Bežanec Castle dates from the 18th century and was renovated in the 1930’s in a classic manner and because of that, it has become one of the most representative castles in Croatia. Although it has been devastated during the years after World War II, after a recent renovation, it was turned into a five star hotel and today it represents a luxurious hotel dedicated to elite tourism.

In its exclusive restaurant, guests can enjoy in the rich choice of traditional food and try one of over 490 sorts of wine. The perfect place for a luxurious, magical and romantic wedding party.

There is also a legend which tells about a haunted castle where there is a ghost of a lady that meets the married couple and by a magical spell makes their happiness and love eternal.

To respect the good ghost of love magic, in Bezanec castle it is the tradition to drink nobleman’s honey brandy in a hollow old linden tree, next to the castle from a special glass. The tradition of drinking brandy is closely linked with the honeymoon.

Valentinovo 55, 49218 Pregrada

telephone +385 98 9616 642

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