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Castle of Nehaj

Fort Nehaj is the symbol of the town Senj!

The Castle of Nehaj dates from the 16th century and is located in Senj on the coast of Kvarner. The castle was build by an Uskok-Captain called Ivan Lenkovic on a hill with views across the sea so approaching ships could be seen in time, to fight the Ottoman Turks. The castle is square shaped with 2-3 m thick walls, has five towers and 11 canon openings. The castle houses a museum on the first floor and is host to a yearly medieval festival that takes place for three days in the month of July.

Opening hours

Months July and August
Monday- Sunday 10.00 – 21.00
Months May, June, September and October
Monday- Sunday10.00 – 18.00

Castle of Nehaj / Tvrdava Nehaj
Nehajeva bb
53270 Senj, Croatia

telephone +385 (0)53/885-277
website (tourist information city of Senj)

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