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Croatian Maritime Museum Split

Hrvatski Pomorski Muzej Split

Parobrod Bakar from 1931, Maritime museum in Split, Croatia

The Foundation of the Croatian Maritime Museum took place in 1997 by the Split city council. The Museum owns a combination of the collections from – the Split Maritime Museum, the Military Maritime Museum and several associated maritime heritage collections including marine archaeological finds and artefacts from Brodosplit Museum situated in Split’s shipyard.

The museum researches, acquires, archives and exhibits artefacts and documents relating to the maritime heritage of the Adriatic coast from prehistory to modern times. It is situated in the 17th-century Gripe Fortress – the only fully preserved fortified building in Split.

The items are divided into many different collections and are on display inside and outside, depending on the size of the objects, and derive from Classical times up to the time when steam engines were in use, and show many aspects of maritime life.

  • Image documents collection
  • Written documents collection
  • Collection of flags and signal flags
  • Collection of diving equipment
  • Fisheries collection
  • Collection of nautical chart and pilots
  • Underwater archaeology collection
  • Vessels collection
  • Armour, weapons and armour system collection
  • Collection of uniforms and costumes
  • Collection of medals and plaques
  • Collection of navigational instruments and equipment
  • Model ship collection
  • Collection of art work
  • Collection of naval decorative artefacts
  • Collection of marine engines and marine engineering
  • Collection of vessel’s equipment and artefacts

Opening hours
October – May
Monday – Saturday 09.00 – 15.00
Thursday 09.00 – 19.00
June – September
Monday – Saturday 09.00 – 20.00
Sundays and public holidays only open for reserved group visits

Glagoljasa 18, 21000 Split

telephone +385 21 347 346

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