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Gallery of Naive Art Hlebine

Galerija Naivne Umjetnost Hlebine

The Gallery of Naive Art in Hlebine was founded in the year 1968, as a separate department of the Museum of the City of Koprivnica in a newly built museum in the centre of the village.

Hlebine Gallery has as a permanent exhibition with donated pictures of Ivan Generalić, collections of paintings on glass by the first (Ivan Generalić, Mraz, Mirko Virius) and second (Franjo Filipovic, Dragan Gazi, Josip Generalic, Francina Dolenec, Mijo Kovacic, Ivan Večenaj) generation of original painters and sculptors of “Hlebine”. There is also a showroom with temporary exhibitions of native artists who have created their own artistic expression under the influence of Croatian original art of the ‘Podravka’ region.

The village is great to visit for lovers of naive art. It is possible to visit the house, gallery and studio of Josip Generalić and his art loving family. Furthermore, you can also visit an ethno-cultural house with original items, which gives a representative idea of how the people in this area used to live.

Opening hours
Tuesday – Friday 10.00 – 16.00
Saturday – Sunday 10.00 – 14.00
closed on Monday and national holidays

Trg Ivana Generalica 15, 48323 Hlebine

telephone +385 48 836 075

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