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Island Cres

The island of the Griffon Vulture and hidden beaches!

eiland Cres, Kroatie

A long stretched island of 65km with in the north breeding sites for the protected Griffon Vultures which can be seen soaring along the steep rocky cliffs. The south of the island has vineyards, olive trees and a mild climate. The roads to the north of the island are modernized and pass along steep ravines with beautiful views. The island can be reached by ferry from Rijeka, Krk and the Istrian peninsula, Cres is connected by a bridge with the island Losinj.

The most important villages for tourism are Cres, Osor, Martinscica and Valun. Cres is located in a secluded bay and has a picturesque harbour and centre. The coast of the island is excellent to explore by boat and to find your own private secluded beach. Visit the original historic village of Lubenice, with the gorgeously located beach that can be reached by boat or a steep climb down from the village.

In the village Osor lies the bridge that connects the island to Losinj. This little place is one great open air museum, with remnants of the Bronze age and several beautiful monuments. There is 5th century cathedral that was renovated in 1497, the town hall houses the archaeological museum with inscriptions and artefacts from Illyric and Roman times, and from the Middle Ages.

Beaches on Cres

Lubenice Beach (Sveti Ivan) is located under the steep cliff of the ancient village Lubenice, is has fine pebbles a clear blue sea. It is an idyllic located beach, but that means it is not easy to get to. You can get there by boat or you have to walk down – about 40 min – the steep cliff from the village of Lubenice (and up again!). When walking down and taking a left turn after about 15 min you can walk to the Blue Grotto Beach (Zanja). There are no facilities so you have to bring your beach necessities and food and drink yourself!

Beaches near Lubenice, when you come by boat you can discover and visit the little, secret and stunningly beautiful beaches along the way from either Martinscica or Valun.

Blue grotto Beach is located near Lubenica Beach and as the name indicates it is a cave with a blue lagoon inside

Beach Zdovica near Valun is great from families with children, perfect for swimming in the clear blue Adriatic sea. There is a small camping ground -only for tents- with lots of natural shade, and is only 5 minutes walking from Valun (closed to traffic), there are showers and toilets.

Beach Raca is another beach in Valun it is a great family beach, as Valun is traffic free you have to park your car at the entrance of the village for a fee. Go down to the left and you will arrive at the beach (10 min), the pebble beach located in a bay has plenty of shade, and a clean, calm blue sea. There are not many facilities so take your own provisions.

Marascica Beach 1km down a road from Stivan is a quiet beach, just a few local boats and almost no tourists, even though there are showers on this pebble beach but take your provisions with you for a day out on this beach.

Beach Ustrine is another quiet beach which you can access by walking (about 15-20 min) down a steep road from the village Ustrine, there are actually two beaches here with small pebbles, a beautiful sea for swimming. The other beach is another 15 min walk. There are no facilities just peace, quiet and a beautiful beach!

Beach Mali bok near the village Orlec on the eastern side of Cres. You can get relatively close by car but you have to walk the last part which goes quite steep down to the beach. The sea also gets deep quickly here, but it is absolutely beautiful for swimming, diving and snorkelling. This is also the area of the Island where you can see the protected Griffon Vultures soaring on the thermal wind. The beach is not well suited for small children as it goes deep very quickly, furthermore there are no facilities so bring your own refreshments.

Beach in Bay Koromacna is a secluded swimming spot on the steeper eastern side of the island it is located under the village Belej, a short drive from the village Stivan. It is a small beach accessible by walking down from the village, but there are no crowds or traffic and there is a stone wharf for some small boats.

Tourism Office of Cres

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