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Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split

Muzej Hrvatskih Arheoloskih Spomenika

The Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments was founded on 24th August 1893 in Knin under the name ‘First Museum of Croatian Monuments’ with the aim to store all medieval monuments of Croatian archaeological heritage.

  • The collection consists of more than 3.000 stone sculptures of which most belong to the Early  Middle Ages
  • The epigraphic collection with engraved names of rulers form the 9-12th century
  • A great collection of early Croatian Jewelry with earrings, necklaces, diadems, and buttons
  • A rich collection of tools, weapons and related equipment of a wide period range, with as most special items a Carolingian weapons and equestrian gear from the 9th century

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 09.00-13.00 / 17.00-20.00
Saturday 09.00-13.00
Sundays and public holidays closed
Entrance is free of charge

Stjepana Gunjace bb, 21000 Split

telephone +385 21 323 901

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