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Nature park Biokovo

Rocky mountain area with magnificent views!

Biokovo, Kroatie

There is plenty to do in Nature Park Biokovo, get your info at the information centres listed below! Enjoy great view points, hiking trails and educational walking trails, a botanical garden, and paragliding.

Entrance tickets can now also be purchased via the official webshop of Croatian parks, with a reduced price for cyclists and mountain climbers.

Split, Kroatie

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

Lookout points which offer a magnificent views

Biokovo Staza – 897 meter above sealevel
– Park at restaurant ‘Vrata Biokova’, follow trail to the left for a panoramic view over the Riviera of Makarska and surrounding islands

Ravna vlaška – 1.228 meter above sealevel
– Panoramic views on the the Biokovo road at the information center Ravna vlaska  (July and August open from 08.00 – 16.00)

Štrbina (below Vošac) – 1.338 meter above sealevel
– About 800 m from the junction to Vošac on the Biokovo road is a parking area in front of a mountain hut
– after a 15 min walk you reach the lookout point with a view on Makarska and islands

Vošac – 1.422 meter above sealevel
– park in front of mountain hut Vosac
– after a moderate walk of 20 min you can enjoy the panoramic view

Sv. Jure / St. George – 1.762 meter above sealevel
– Panoramic views of the islands and the hinterland
– When extremely good weather it is possible to see the Bosnian-Herzegovinian mountains and neighboring Italy (Monte Gargano)
– Located on the top of Biokovo, follow the Biokovo road
– Hiking to the top:
– from Makar through Vosac from the coastal side or
– from Velikog Brda and Baskovic through Lokve from the coastal side
– from Milic or Turija from the continental side
– at the top is a television tower and the building of telecommunication devices and the new church of St. Jura

Educational trails

Vikovik is an geological educational trail – Begins at about 15 km on the Biokovo road, between the plateaux and Lemesinih dolaca and Jakicuse. It is an easy trail to walk with markings and will take about half an hour.

Paths of ancient Berulia is an educational trail about the life of old Berulije and its inhabitants. The length is about 4,5 km, with an easy trail that takes about one hour, beginning at the presentation center ‘Brela Gornja’ in Subotiscu to the church of St. Nicolas.

Vanessa cardui (Painted lady) in Medjimurje, Croatia

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

Hiking trails

The park is great for more difficult hiking either individually or organized, the trails can be found on a tourist map that can be purchased at the park reception of information point in Makarska. On the basis of your physical abilities and wishes you can choose easy, medium heavy and heavy hiking tours and a combination of walking tours with transport. Prepare yourself very good before starting to hike in Biokovo park, and do not go alone! There is no water, wear strong preferably high shoes, beware of (poisonous) snakes, overheating by the strong sun, as there is no shade. The weather can change rather abruptly, so take a wind-breaker and warm vest. You must beware not to kick rocks down from strong slopes and be careful not to damage or hurt any plants or animals, even snakes! You can scare a snake away by stamping your feet on the ground, the vibrations will make it move away. If you get into trouble call 112 or the Mountain rescue service in Makarska +385 91 721 0011.

The airfield “Biokovo” located in the nature park Biokovo is officially registered under the Decision of the Ministry of Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, and is intended for flying paragliders and hang-gliders for sport and recreational flying. Take-offs are at Miletin bor (650 m.n.m. / N 43o 19′ 55.6″ / E 017o 00′ 24.9″) and Pržinovac (1300 m.n.m. / N 43o 18′ 11.3″ / E 017o 03′ 07.5″) these sites are located in the park, and the landing  area Ramova (1 m.n.m. / N 43o 18′ 50.1″ / E 016o 59′ 47.3″) is a part of the coastal promontory in Makarska. Flying from the take-off point of  Miletin bor and Przinovac may be used only by experienced pilots and users are obliged to pay the entrance fee into the park and register in the tracking book with the take-off operator or at the front desk at the entrance of the park. FLY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Before the flight you must contact the operator!

Airfield Biokovo
Paragliding club “Edel”
Obala kralja Tomislava 27, Makarska
telephone +385 (0) 98 732 110
e-mail (flight manager)

Information Centre Marineta
– for all information about Nature Park Biokovo

Opening hours
July – August
Monday – Friday 07.00 – 15.00 / 17.30 – 22.00
Saturday 08.00 – 12.00 / 17.30 – 22.00
Sunday 08.30 – 12.00 / 17.30 -22.00
Rest of the year
Monday – Friday 07.00 – 15.00

Mala obala 16, 21300 Makarska

telephone +385 21 616924
website and

Presentation Centre Brela Gornja
– for exhibitions about Biokovo and information about the park
– starting point educational trail “Ancient Paths of Berulije”

Opening hours
July and August
Monday – Sunday 07.00 – 12.00 / 16.00 -21.00

Cesta Domovinskog rata 56, Brela Gornja
telephone +385 21 729 163
3 km from Makarska, can be reached by car

Presentation Centre Kotišina

  • information about the botanical garden Kotišina
  • the gardens were founded by the biologist Friar Jure Radic
  • there is a not to demanding educational trail
  • several other walking trails
  • native plants and an archive of exotic plants
  • rock formations, caves, cliffs and Proslap waterfall
  • a 17th century fortress and the Chapel of St. Anthony (20th century)

Memorial House “Marin Kovačević ” in Kotišina

Opening hours
July and August
Monday – Saturday 07.00 – 14.00
Sunday 08.00 – 13.00


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