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Nature park Kopački Rit

The Amazon of Europe - an abundance of wildlife in forest and wetland!


Kopački rit Nature Park, a protected area since 1967, is a flood plain between the two rivers Drava and Danube and the Park was declared as part of the Mura-Drava- Danube Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO in 2012.
This nature park is known for its abundance of bird species, including several heron species, osprey, kingfisher and green woodpecker, besides many fish species, and mammals like otters, deer, roe deer and martens. The park offers many activities so you can experience this unique nature area close at hand, whether by large or small boat, canoe, bicycle or walking.

Boat tours through the wetland

This is maybe the best way to enjoy, experience and to get the best view of Kopacki rit, with shorter and longer tours, for small children (large boats) and for the more adventurous visitors the smaller boats and canoes are perfect for a visit.

Train tour
A train takes you through different parts of the Park, mainly along the wetland. This way you can experience the Park in a completely different way, while riding along the dikes, enjoying the landscape and absorbing interesting information from the tourist guides. This is an ideal way to visit the park when the weather is not that good, like rain or snow, which again gives a unique opportunity to enjoy nature.

Bird watching in Kopački rit
The Park is an absolute must for everyone that loves watching, photographing and listening to birds. This floodplain is extremely rich in flora and fauna and especially in bird life due to the excellent natural conditions it offers a perfect habitat for many different species. Nesting sites for the White-tailed Eagle are the most numerous in this part of Europe, but there are many other species like Black Storks, Egrets, Buzzards, Ferruginous Ducks, Sakers, the most numerous colonies of Cormorants and Grey Herons in Croatia. The guided bird-watching tours have a maximum of 10 visitor and you need to make an appointment at least 2-3 days ahead of your visit, you can also book a reservation at the webshop.

Tikveš Castle Complex
In the northern part forested part of the Park you can visit the Tikves Castle Complex. A great area to go looking for tracks or maybe a glimpse of the forest dwelling animals like, deer, foxes, squirrels, boars, martens and more. A quiet place, great to relax and listen to and smell the nature around you.

Cycling – Rent-a-bike
There are three cycling routes that pass through the park, that run along the dikes across the park giving good views of the marshlands and forests – you have the opportunity to rent a bike locally.

Of course walking through the park gives you a closeness to nature that is unique to experience. There are many nature trails in the Park that lead through the forest and part of the wetland. The most popular trail is the board-walk at the entrance of the park. There are shorter and longer trails, therefore, everyone can enjoy a walk through the nature along these trails.

Sport fishing
At certain areas in the park there are signposted fishing sites –  it is necessary to purchase a fishing permit. According to local regulations you can take the fish you have caught out of the Park. There are about forty fish species, like pike, tench, bream, carp, catfish, pike-perch, perch, and so on.

Entrance tickets
Entrance tickets to the park can now also be purchased via the official webshop of Croatian parks, the park is open from May to October. In the webshop you can also buy tickets for organised tours in the park, like bird watching program, photo safari program, beaver trail, and canoe tours.

Opening hours

May – September 07.00 – 15.00
October – April 08.00 – 16.00

Kopačevo Visitor Centre
April – October 08.00 – 16.00
November – March 09.00 – 17.00

Tikveš Visitor Centre
April – October 09.00 – 17.00
November – March CLOSED

Kopačevo Visitor Centre
Ritska bb, 31327 Kopačevo

telephone +385 31 445 445 /  752 320 / 752 322
mobile phone  +385 99 263 6771
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