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Nature park Lastovo

Visit this unique island group by boat for an unforgettable experience!

zeilen bijnationaal park Lastovo, Kroatie

The park consists of 44 smaller islands, rocks and reefs and due to its unique location in the Adriatic sea has a specific flora and fauna – the largest islands are Lastovo and Susac. A great park to explore by boat, gliding through the clear Adriatic sea searching for sea-life. Don’t forget to bring a visit to the islands as they inhabit unique animals and plants, and every bay conceals a beach hidden by pine tree forests.

Entrance tickets
Entrance tickets to the park can now also be purchased via the official webshop of Croatian parks. Notice the period when you will be visiting the park, each season has it’s own price and you can only buy a ticket for 7 days.

Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park Info Point
Obala lastovskih ribara bb 20289 Ubli
Otok Lastovo

telephone +385 (0) 20 801 024
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