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Sunbathe on the attractive beaches of Umag!

The northernmost town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, near the border with Slovenia. A very popular tourist destination, because Umag has everything to offer for a great holiday. Beautiful long coast line well maintained boulevard perfect for walking or cycling, sunbathing, swimming, hotels, resorts, sport accommodations (great place for tennis), green parks with shade of pine tree parks with accompanying squirrels as entertainment!

Endless opportunities for excitement, great red and white wines and local dishes with truffles, asparagus and Boškarin meat from the native Istrian cow breed.

Churches in Umag

  • Church of St. Mary, with multi panelled altar piece from 15th century
  • Church of St. Roche, build after the plaque epidemic in 1507

Beaches in and around Umag

  • Beach Katoro has a gravel and concrete beach and also has a blue flag for its many sport facilities, a big water slide for children, there are cabins, showers, restaurants and bars. Perfect for families with children.
  • Beach Aurora in the Katoro resort, the beach is mostly paved and you can enter the sea by stairs. There are deck chairs and umbrellas for rent and there is natural shade nearby underneath the aromatic pine trees.
  • Beach Laguna Stella Maris is located along a lagoon with pebble beaches and has a blue flag due to it’s clean water. It is located just 3km north of Umag centre and has a restaurant and water sport facilities nearby.
  • Beach Sol Polynesia in Katoro, there is a grass area and sport facilities, two pools, bar restaurants, ideal for families with children, nearby is also a nudist area
  • Beach Kanegra lies north of Umag in Savudrija, there is plenty of natural shade as trees grow close to the shoreline. The beach has gravel and small pebbles and has an easy access into the sea.
  • Beach Savudrija, the most western village of Croatia famous for it’s rocky beaches and lighthouse. It has a secluded well-known nudist beach, a great area for wind surfing. There is a camping nearby with bars, restaurants, sport facilities and pools,and is an ideal spot for families with children
  • Beach Kanova located about 8km from Umag centre it has a blue flag and offers many amenities for a great sunbathing experience. At the nearby campsite are swimming pools, shops, restaurants and sport facilities. It is a rocky beach with some paved area’s with places where are stairs for access into the sea. The southern part is a nudist area.
  • and many more beaches are to be found in and around Umag!

Tourism office of Istria

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