Holiday ideas for 3 days in Zagreb by Croatia4me

Visit the capital of Croatia!

We from Croatia4me have some great ideas and tips to help you plan a day or more days out in specific regions in Croatia. These are just ideas you can add to your own holiday plans, you can follow the day to day ideas we have written below, or mix it all up or pick one or two items that suit you best. We just hope you will enjoy your stay in Croatia to the maximum and that our ideas and tips will give you some new insights!

Day 1 The old town and cathedral
Take a stroll through the Upper Town (Gornji grad) Zagreb, you can get there by car, on foot or with a short ride on the “funicular” come. The start in the street Funicular Tomićeva bb, is the oldest public transport in Zagreb and the shortest with a track of just 66m up the hill. It is still in original condition and is therefore protected as a monument of the city. Walk across the square from the parliament and see the beautiful roof of the st. Marcus church. Sit on a terrace enjoy a coffee and walk further through the streets and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. Go to the Zagreb cathedral and see the beautiful church from the inside. Go for lunch in a restaurant and go shopping in the afternoon and sit in the square Trg Bana Jelačića. Don’t get a fright when you hear the sound of a canon firing at exactly 12 o’clock – that’s the tradition!

Day 2 Museums and Medvednica
Visit the museum of modern art, natural history museum or one of the many other museums in the city. Go for lunch and pick up your car, the bus from ‘Mihaljevac station or tram 8,14 or 15 to Sljeme (1035m) on the mountain Medvednica above Zagreb. Enjoy the vista atop Mount Medvednica stroll through beautiful deciduous forests and stop on the way back to Zagreb at the Medvedgrad castle to visit and enjoy beautiful panoramic view over the city of Zagreb.

Day 3 Park Maksimir, Zagreb Zoo
Maksimir Park is the largest park in Zagreb and is a relaxing green park with small lakes great for relaxing, jogging, walking, drinking coffee, lunches, picnics, cycling and you can even go rowing on a lake. The Zagreb Zoo is located Maksimir Park.

ZOO Zagreb

Opening hours
open daily – also during public holidays
Monday – Sunday 9:00 to 18:00
(Opening times vary with the seasons)

Maksimirski perivoj bb, 10 000 Zagreb

phone +385 1 2302 198

Public transport to Maksimir
Tram no. 7 from the central bus station
Tram 11 and 12 of the main square “Trg Bana Jelacica”
Tram no. 4 from the central train station

Funicular to the old city
Tomićeva bb, 10000 Zagreb

Opening hours
daily from 06:30 to 22:00

phone +385 1 4833912

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