The baroque town with festivals which are not to be missed!

Varaždin is a small town with a rich history, picturesque streets with romantic squares, the buildings have beautiful facades and the traffic-less centre gives it a relaxing atmosphere of earlier times.
The town has several churches, museums and is host to several music and folklore festivals in the summer months. Great town to stroll around and look for some nice gifts to bring home, visit the fortified old-town castle and it’s museum, and take a coffee break or go eat some ice-cream on the main square.
Due to its central location in the Austrian-Hungarian empire between Budapest, Vienna and the Adriatic sea, Varaždin has always been a historically important town, inhabited by rich landowners, wealthy nobles and artists. This is still reflected in its Baroque charisma; a great tourist destination!

Festival Varaždinskih dvorišta

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

The cemetery of Varaždin is well-known for it is a horticultural monument. The Hercer Palace has a part dedicated to more then ten thousand preserved insects and is worth mentioning.
Outside and around Varaždin are some larger modern shopping centres, and the entrance to the highway M4, to Zagreb is nearby. The surroundings of Varaždin are beautiful green hills and small mountains ideal for day walks through the woods. The area has some great restaurants to offer with traditional local recipes still in use since historic times.

Festival Varaždinskih dvorišta - Stacun ART cekeri

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

Churches in Varazdin

  • Cathedral of St. Mary to Heaven Ascended, this Baroque church is a Cathedral since 1997
  • Church of St. John the Baptist, Franciscan church with tallest Bell Tower in Varaždin (54,5m)
  • Church of Holy Trinity, has many baroque paintings and adjacent Monastery
  • Church of Ursuline of the birth of Christ, build in 1712 and with a pretty pink exterior
  • Church of St. Nicolas, the patron saint of Varaždin

Museums in Varazdin

  • Varazdin City Museum, located in The old town castle of Varaždin
  • World of Insects, Entomological Collection in Hercer Palace, Franjevački trg 6, Varaždin
  • Museum of Firefighting, open on Wednesdays 09.00 – 15.00, Trenkova 44, Varaždin
  • The Gallery of old and new masters, Hercer Palace, Franjevački trg 6, Varaždin
  • Museum of Angels, Art Gallery with Angels as theme, S.S.Kranjčevića 14, Varaždin

For more information about events in Varaždin go to: Špancirfest / Varaždin Baroque evenings
For a multiple day planning around Varaždin go to : 5 days north Croatia


Tourist Information Centre Varaždin 
address Ivana Padovca 3, 42000 Varaždin
telephone +385 42 210 987


photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

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