Marriage & Honeymoon

Your wedding in national park Plitvice!

Choose nature as the location of your wedding!

More and more people are looking for a special location for their dream wedding! The beautiful nature of the national park Plitvice lakes is perfect for this. Throughout the year, the Plitvice Lakes provide a beautiful setting for a wedding.

In spring, the woods have fresh green leaves on the trees, the beautiful blue-green water, the waterfalls are at their zenith with water from the melting snow
In summer, wonderfully warm weather and still cool due to the running water-streams and waterfalls
In autumn, beautiful yellow, orange and brown coloured autumn leaves surrounding the lakes
In winter, a beautiful winter scene with snow and frost as a backdrop

Beautiful locations for your wedding photos
Have your wedding party on a boat on the beautiful lakes
Row in a romantic wooden boat on the green blue water

Contact the local wedding-organization of the national park and inquire about all the options for your dream wedding!
telephone +385 (0) 53 751 125
(Vjencanje means wedding in Croatian)

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