Ancient town with beautiful river landscape!

The city of Karlovac was founded on 13th in 1579 an was built on a medieval fortress that was used as a defence against invaders. The fortress was had a regular hexagon design with triangular bastions which together form a six pointed star. Parts of this fortified settlement can be still seen in the centre of the old part of town. Due to it’s location, between the Adriatic coast and the hinterland, and at a site where several rivers meet, Karlovac grew into one of the most important transit junctions in Croatia. These beautiful clean rivers, the Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra attract many tourists. The rivers and their tributaries offer many opportunities for sport and recreation, hunting and fishing and many other activities.

Tourist Information Centre Karlovac
address Petar Zrinski 3
telephone +385 47 615 115
e-mail karlovac-touristinfo@ka.htnet.hr
website www.karlovac-touristinfo.hr

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