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Fresh water fishing

The interior of Croatia has some perfect fishing grounds to offer along rivers and lakes!


For fresh water fishing you can arrange a day or year permit at the Croatian sport fishing association (only in Croatian), but it is most easy to obtain a day fishing permit at the site where you plan to fish. Here follows a list of some good fishing area’s in Croatia.

River Kupa
The river Kupa is almost 300km long of which about 4km traverses national park Risnjak. The ideal place to fish is from the source of this river to about 20km beneath the place Brod na Kupi. You can fish here for grayling, river trout, Californian trout and carp. These fish are supplied by fish farms at the end of autumn.

River Dobra
The river Dobra meets the river Kupa just north of the town Karlovac west of the capital Zagreb. The river is about 30km long and is an important habitat for salmonids, as in 1962 grayling was introduced.

River Mreznica
The river Mreznica is about 56km long and is also located in the area of Karlovac. It used to be known for its salmonids, but after the introduction of pike, this is now the dominant fish species here.

The river Korana
From the well known Plitvice lakes with its green lakes and waterfalls arises the beautiful river Korana. This easy accessible river is known to have river trout and pike.

River Sljuncica
Also near the Plitvice lakes you can find the beautiful but short river Sljuncica. The river flows via several waterfalls into the river Korana. It is an ideal area for fly-fishing underneath the waterfalls, you will find here river trout and greyling.

Lake Licka Jesenica
A small but gorgeous and clear lake near the lakes of Plitvice is perfect for fly-fishing for river trout. When the water level drops in summer, the fish hide in underground tunnels and will show themselves when water levels are restored in autumn and spring.

River Gacka
This is the best area in Europe for fishing trout and greyling, trout of 3-4 kg are recorded. The river runs underground and the best place to go is around Otocac (roughly between Plitvice lakes and the coast). Only fly-fishing is allowed and only in the upper part of the river.

River Sava
The river Sava is about 990km long and runs through Slovenia, Croatia, along the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and through Serbia where it joins the Danube river. The Sava has fish species like pike-perch, catfish, pike, asp and chub.

River Danube

The great river Danube form the border between Croatia, Hungary and Serbia and contains the largest population of fresh water fish in Central Europe. Fish you find here are: catfish, carp, pike, sturgeon and bream. The best place to go fishing is at the confluence with the river Drava in Kopacki rit. In spring the water level is increased due to melt-water, so the best time for fishing here is around June when water levels are decreasing.

River Drava
The river Drava originates in Italy and flows through Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia where it forms the border between Hungary before it flows into the Danube near Osijek. The most popular fishing area is at this estuary where the Drava flows into the Danube, here you find fish like catfish, pike, pike-perch, perk and carp.

Lake Borovnik
This lake is located between Slavonski Brod and Osijek in the province of Slavonia. However, there is a strict protection of fish in this area, and the large carp can only be fished by ‘catch and release method,  it is also forbidden to fish from a boat in this lake.

Vrana lake
The largest natural lake of Croatia located near the coast at the height of Zadar and is about 30 square kilometres large. The lake area is a National Park and a reserve for rare bird species. The water comes from underground sources and is the most productive fishing lake in Croatia. You find here many fish species like catfish, carp and pike due to the nutritious water the fish tend to grow large here.

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