Photo’s from Porcijunkolovo 2016 in Cakovec

Last weekend I have been to the folklore event in Čakovec. It was beautiful sunny weather, it was busy and there was much to see! The main street was completely decorated with coloured umbrellas some of them were painted, what made them even more personal. There were old-timer cars, that went for a drive through the region, the change of the Zrinski Garda took place, there was a horse riding tournament, people demonstrated old craftsmanship, there were many local food products to be bought, for the kids there were plenty of activities and in the evening music all over town!

I took some pictures to give you an idea what there was to be seen.

the umbrellas

old craftsmenship

for the kids

the oldtimers

the marketstalls

the Zrinska Garda

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