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Dubrovnik in spring

Along the beautiful blue Adriatic sea you find the historic town Dubrovnik. Visit Dubrovnik in spring for a mild warm climate, lot of sunshine and plenty of spots to visit. This UNESCO town is a perfect holiday destination, the old town centre is traffic-free, making it a lovely town to stroll through, visit the churches and museums and of course …

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Autumn spirit

Autumn is coming and with the new harvest it is Croatia is a great destination for a culinary vacation! The grapes, corn, pumpkins and walnuts are being harvested right now. Delicious pumpkin-soup, and a speciality in the interior of Croatia is pumpkinseed oil (Bučino ulje), with its green colour and nut-like flavour. This oil is used on leafy green, potato …

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Away from the crowds – Explore the Nature of North Croatia

Discover Croatia’s interior and visit the region Međimurje. This northernmost region of Croatia lies between the rivers Drava and Mura and is well known for it’s green hills and fertile plains. The rounded lush green hills are covered by deciduous forest and vineyards and offer splendid views and are perfect for a gastronomical and wine tastings. The fields are filled …

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Hvar – for an exquisite island vacation

Beautiful beaches, a mild climate, lavender fields, and cultural heritage maks the island Hvar splendid holiday destination. The island is about 70 km long and is located south of the coastal town Split, you can reach the island by ferry. There is plenty to do and see on Hvar besides sunbathing on it’s beautiful beaches, and of course the local …

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Croatia has it all for a great vacation!

Croatia has it all for a great vacation! A long Adriatic coastline with it’s many beautiful islands and islets are ideal for beach and sun lovers Croatia has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites for those interested in culture and history Nature is found all over the country, but especially in the National and Nature parks Art and architecture are found …

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UNESCO heritage sites and items of Croatia

The UNESCO sites of Croatia Croatia is a country with a rich cultural heritage which is noticeable by the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and intangible cultural heritage items. Not only places or sites like buildings, cities, natural sites like forests, lakes and rivers, but also intangible cultural aspects are protected and promoted by UNESCO such as music, cuisine, traditional …

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Breathe the fresh air of rural Croatia

Croatia has much more to offer than sun, sea and beaches for your holiday! The interior of Croatia has natural beauty, great gastronomy, amazing manifestations, a rich and lively cultural heritage and historical sights. A destination in continental Croatia not trampled by tourists are the north western regions, bordering the Slovenian and Hungarian borders. Visit the rural areas with natural …

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Wonderful Croatian naive glass art paintings

Croatian Naive Art Known all over the world over for its magnificent intense colours, simple farm life subject matter and for the curious technique of painting in reverse style on a glass plate. This technique was developed by a few local farmer artists in the small rural village Hlebine, near the somewhat larger town in north Croatia Koprivnica. In winter …

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Sailing in Croatia

The long Croatian coast with all its peninsula’s bays, islands and archipelago’s make it a perfect destination for a sailing holiday. You can book an organized trip with one of the many travel agencies that specialize in sailing trips, from a day to weeks and from a small boat to larger boats, you will find the perfect match for you. …

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