An airshow and new terminals at the airport of Zagreb and Dubrovnik

Today near the town Cakovec at the ‘airport’  Pribislavec an Air-show is held with many jet and piston RC model planes, general aviation aircrafts, a helicopter. There are performances by Wing Storm and Flying Bulls. A MiG-21, JAS 39 Gripen and for the first time in Croatia – Eurofighter Typhoon coming from Austria will take care of the “thunder” on this year’s aero-meeting. Many visitors from all over Croatia and the surrounding countries are coming to be at this event. The event was a great succes as more than 18.000 visitors have attended the Airshow, due to the great succes next year another Airshow will be organized.

Other news concerning air traffic is that in March 2017 a new modern passenger terminal was opened at Zagreb International Airport – also Franjo Tuđman Airport, this was needed to support the growing number of passengers that travel to Croatia by airplane.

Dubrovnik airport (also called Čilipi Airport), which lies about 15 km south of Dubrovnik has opened a third terminal this spring, and a fast increasing number of tourists visit Dubrovnik by plane. There are flights from Amsterdam, Brussels, Koln, Düsseldorf by airlines like Croatia Airlines, Eurowings, Transavia and EasyJet. On their website you find the summer and winter flight schedule.



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