Trash & Burn – American Automobile Meeting 2017

Pin-up photo contest

This weekend the annual Trash & Burn American Automobile Meeting took place in hot and sunny Sveti Martin na Muri in northern Croatia close to the Slovenian border. With American music, pin-up girls, and many, many American cars and motorbikes!

Despite the soaring temperatures everybody was in great spirit and I really enjoyed my visit and strolling around the beautiful cars and bikes! All livened up by food, drinks and real American music. Many visitors were camping on the spot and despite the really bad weather on Friday afternoon, on Saturday the weather was sunny and hot, perfect for this outdoor event. I had such a great time I make sure I visit again next year! I made some photo’s so you can get an idea what it was like.

To get another taste of the Trash and Burn American Cars you can visit Metalac Industrial Bar in Cakovec on 16 December 2017 for a Custom Art Festival, with custom cars, bikes&bicycles, pin-up calendars, clothes, shows and of course music.

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Trash and Burn - American Car Meeting - Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

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