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Poreč – Beaches, Culture and Good Cuisine!

Every summer a wide variety of events are planned in Poreč, from fun street performance, nights filled with music to movies and theatre performances. Every Monday a circus performance is held in the centre of Poreč and on the ancient streets jugglers, stilt walkers and fire-eaters entertain the public. On Thursdays musical performances bring the town alive, the theme is …

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Špancirfest in Varaždin

It’s time again for the yearly Špancirfest in Varaždin from 18 – 27 of August 2017 the streets of this northern Croatian Baroque town are filled with music, street performances, acrobatics, wine tasting, a children program and markets stalls with local products and food. All street events are free, but for the entrance to the music concerts n the evenings …

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Visit Jelsa on the island Hvar

The nice little town Jelsa lies on the northern coast in the central part of the lavender island Hvar. In summer months this is en excellent destination for your beach vacation, as there are plenty of accommodations, restaurants, bars and most important… beaches! It has an indented coastline with many islands, bays and rocks and is great for swimming, snorkelling …

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Summer in Cakovec

It is the end of July, so… Porcijunkulovo in Cakovec! During this multiple day festival there is plenty to do and see in the city. There are many stands that sell local produce, demonstrations of traditional crafts, old-timers, workshops for kids and lots of music. Each evening at about 21.00 a free ‘pop’-concert is held near the old castle and …

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Croatian national costumes

Croatian national costumes are nowadays most often worn at special events and celebrations. Croatians are proud of their cultural heritage and at folklore events you can see all generations from young to old dressed in local traditional costumes, singing traditional songs and dancing their specific dances. Each cultural and geographical region in Croatia has its own costume that vary in …

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Festival of Varaždin’s courtyards

For the third year in a row the Baroque city Varaždin has opened up it’s courtyards! The weather is sunny and warm and excellent for a stroll around town while here and there entering the otherwise closed courtyards. Many curious visitors peeked into the nicely decorated courtyards by entering the domed entrances.  Each courtyard has it’s own theme and there …

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Trash & Burn – American Automobile Meeting 2017

This weekend the annual Trash & Burn American Automobile Meeting took place in hot and sunny Sveti Martin na Muri in northern Croatia close to the Slovenian border. With American music, pin-up girls, and many, many American cars and motorbikes! Despite the soaring temperatures everybody was in great spirit and I really enjoyed my visit and strolling around the beautiful …

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Split – Beaches, Festivals and Culture

Roam through the small streets of the historic centre of Split or along the hip boulevard, the ‘Riva’ along the Dalmatian coast with its bars and restaurants it is the place to see and be seen! Visit the old palace of Diocletian, an UNESCO world heritage location, which is fully integrated with shops and houses and form a unique inner …

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