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Sculptures in Klanjec, Zagorje

During a drive through the rural, hilly Zagorje region, north of the capital Zagreb, I came through the small town of Klanjec. A nice place for a short break and a visit to the beautiful church, a museum and a short walk through nature. In the centre of town is a modern museum dedicated to the sculptor Antun Augustinčić. He …

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Castle Veliki Tabor

Veliki Tabor is one of the best preserved castles in Croatia and is great to bring a visit. The white castle is nicely situated on top of Mount Hum Košnički – 333 meters above sea level, near the border with Slovenia. This castle has dominated the Zagorje area for over half a millennium and offers beautiful views on the surrounding …

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Wind- and Kite surfing in Croatia

Due to its endless scenic coastline with its many inlets and islands Croatia is a good destination for all kind of water-sports. You can find different kind of beaches, mostly rock and pebble beaches, but at certain places sandy beaches can be found. Due to the geographical location of the Adriatic sea, within the Mediterranean sea and secluded between the …

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Vacation tip- Road assistance in Croatia

The road assistance club in Croatia is called HAK – Hrvatski Auto Klub – this organisation gives road assistance when your car breaks down, gives up-to-date traffic and all this is made much easier by a free app that they provide available in four languages (Croatian, English, German and Italian) . The emergency phone number for road assistance is 1987. …

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Visit the castles of the Frankopans and Zrinskis

Visiting castles is always fun! In Croatia many castles, fortresses, medieval ruins, fairytale castles, well maintained castles with a museum or totally neglected fortress walls and towers can be found. Fortunately, there is a growing inclination to preserve this cultural history and there are many initiatives to open the castles for visitors. One of those initiatives is the “route of …

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Sled riding in Lokve, Gorski Kotar

Although in my mind I can’t wait for the first signs of spring it is still the middle of winter! Last week I have been to the Gorski Kotar region, located roughly between the Croatian capital Zagreb and the coastal town Rijeka. In this mountainous area an abundant of wildlife and natural beauty resides, not only in the NP Risnjak …

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National Park Krka celebrates 32nd birthday!

National park Krka is located near the village of Skradin, some 20 km from the coastal town Sibenik in Dalmatia and easily accessible by car, but there are also bus and boat excursions to Krka from Sibenik. A gorgeous national park with waterfalls and several beautiful trails over wooden walkways through the woods and along and across the river Krka …

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Great destination for a cycling holiday!

Cycling is a popular sport – also in Croatia ! This is clear by the increasing number of bike shops, good quality rental bikes, marked bike paths, and mobile GPS applications for cyclists. The bike trails often lead over asphalted roads, of-the-road and / or unpaved gravel roads. The pleasant climate is particularly good for cycling in spring and autumn, …

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Nikola Tesla – the great inventor!

Nowadays, when you hear the name Tesla you may first think of the car company that produces electric cars! However, the name Tesla is derived from the Croatian born inventor, electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was born on the 10th of July in 1856 and in his birthplace, the village Smiljan in the interior of Dalmatia near …

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Snowfun and wintersports

Croatia maybe doesn’t pop up in your thoughts as a place for winter sport as it is best known for it’s summertime sunshine and great beaches. However, Croatia has to offer some winter sport areas. And as there are plenty of high mountain regions and the interior of Croatia has a land climate with warm summers and cold, snowy winters …

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