Visit colourful Trogir on your next visit to Croatia!

Spring and autumn are great for visiting the beautiful small coastal town Trogir, as you avoid the high tourist season  and can enjoy strolling around the old, small paved streets of the old town centre. The town centre is build on a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge. You can park your car near the bridge along …

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Warm winter feelings with home-made sauerkraut

In many parts of the interior of Croatia it is a custom to make your own sauerkraut! It is delicious and healthy and no way that you can compare it to the ones you buy in the stores. To conserve cabbages they are fermented and can be stored for some time, by the time they are harvested and fermented it …

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Celebrate St. Martins day in Croatia!

In the northern regions of Croatia the 11th of November is a festive day – St. Martins Day / Martinje – when we celebrate the new wine of this year and eat roasted goose! Around the country tastings of the new wine of the year are held at vineyards, at people at home and in pubs & restaurants. A bit …

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Delicious Croatian wines!

Even though Croatia is not known as a “wine country” many different types of wine are produced here. Most of this wine is consumed in Croatia, and therefore there is not much left for export and outside Croatia their wine is not very well known yet. All types of wine is made in Croatia; sparkling wine, rosé, white and red …

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Healthy citrus fruit from the Neretva delta

Driving from Split to Dubrovnik you will come upon a hidden gem along the Croatian coast – the Neretva valley near Ploce. The Neretva river delta formed by the largest karst river in the Dinaric Alps is a very fertile area where the best fruit and vegetables in Croatia are produced. Best known are the mandarins from Neretva. The season …

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Croatian cuisine in autumn

The autumn months are great for a delicious culinary holiday in Croatia, the harvest is ready and now we can enjoy the culinary treats! The grape harvest is done, just the sweet muscat grapes are still harvested, the forests are full with beautiful edible and non-edible mushroom, the chestnuts fall together with the yellow, orange and brown autumn leaves. In …

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Beautiful vistas from Čevo in north Croatia

Fancy a nice hike with as a reward stunning panoramic views over rolling fields, villages, towns, a castle and forests? I’ve found the perfect walk, just intense enough for a good workout, but not too long that you loose a whole day and you will be rewarded with great views. The walk is from the parking lot in the village …

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Things to do on the island Hvar

Island Hvar is a magnificent holiday destination, with beautiful beaches, mild climate, lavender fields, and cultural heritage. The island is about 70 km long and is located along the Croatian coast south of the coastal town Split, you can reach the island by ferry. In September the temperature is perfect, not to hot, the nights get cooler and the sea …

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Photo’s from Špancirfest 2016 in Varaždin

Last week I have been to Varaždin to enjoy the activities and view all kind of entertainment during the yearly festival ‘Špancirfest‘, held in the baroque streets and squares of this provincial town. During the warm summer evenings well known Croatian musicians played the big podium near the old town castle. There were many fun activities for children, like a …

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Festive streetfestival – Špancirfest in Varaždin 19-28.08.16

One of the best known festivals in northern Croatia is the Špancirfest in Varaždin, with ten days of musical performances (see for tickets and program below), free artistic street performances, market stalls with local food products and craft-work, and much, much more. This annual festival is held from Friday 19 ’till Sunday 28 August 2016. The whole centre of Varaždin …

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