Practical information

Domestic Bus service
The bus service in Croatia is very well organized, almost every small village can be reached by bus. The express bus is also a good alternative for traveling between larger cities like Zagreb –
Split and Split-Dubrovnik. Another benefit is that bus fares are relatively low in Croatia. Traveling by bus is comfortable, most buses have air-conditioning and when traveling long distance
there is usually a stop planned at a restaurant along the way. However, you can bring your own sandwich or something else to eat and drink. It is advisable to bring enough water for the trip
as in summer times it can be hot even when there is air-conditioning.

Bus ticket & prices
It is possible to buy bus tickets in advance through several company websites, which is advisable when traveling in the summer between larger cities to make sure you have a seat. You can buy one way or a return ticket which usually comes with a discount. There are many bus companies in Croatia that travel between cities, most of these registered bus companies have their buses in good condition. If you miss your bus connection you usually have to wait quite some time so it is good to come prepared with a book and/or music.

Ticket prices are relatively cheap compared to other western European countries, but prices can vary depending on the time of travel and bus company. There are usually special prices for
children, students and the elderly, depending on the bus company.  To give an indication here are a few one-way bus ticket prices; Split – Dubrovnik (227 km) ~ 100-140 kuna (13-18 euro) / Split – Plitvice (276 km) 130-160 kuna (17 – 21 euro) and Zagreb – Split (411 km) 150 – 220 kuna (20 – 29 euro).

Luggage, bicycles and pets
Taking luggage with you is usually no problem, the bus driver will put your suitcase in the hold, for which you pay an additional 5-10 kuna per suitcase in cash to the driver. Your suitcase will get a number and you get a receipt. During summer months it is usually not possible to bring your bicycle along in the hold, because buses are usually full and most people carry luggage. It is not
allowed to bring pets on buses in Croatia. If you want to travel with your pet on public transport you can take the train on which pets are allowed, but with certain conditions (see: train).

International bus service to Croatia
There are many international bus companies that travel from different European countries to Croatia, like Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech
republic, Hungary. Usually there is a bus service to Zagreb, but especially during the summer months there are bus services directly to cities on the Adriatic coast like Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

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