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Krk the island that is surrounded by crystal clear blue water!

Watersport, Island Krk, Croatia

The largest island of Croatia and a bridge with the mainland provides excellent accessibility by car. The international airport of Rijeka is located on the island and offers good connections and public transport with surrounding towns. The east-coast has white rocks that beautifully contrast with the clear blue sea, whereas the interior of the island is green and has ample vegetation. The island Krk is an excellent tourist destination, for its beautiful, easy accessible, has many different beaches, towns and tourist facilities. Furthermore, it is a great starting point for day trips to the islands Cres and Losinj by ferry, the towns Rijeka, Crikvenica and Opatija.

Romans have build walls, baths and villa’s with mosaic floors on the island of which remains can still be seen today. In the 6th century the island was ruled by Croats and later by Franks, Byzantines and eventually was ruled directly by the Venetians from 1480 until 1797. Krk is known as being the centre of the glagolitic writing, the oldest Slavic alphabet and used by Croats from the 12th until 20th century, mostly in religious writing. On the island you find monuments representing glagolitic letters with a plaque denoting it’s meaning.

The town of Krk developed on the site of the Roman settlement called Curicum, from which the town and the island derived its name. You can still sea a wall and three Venetians gates in Krk. Nearby Krk in a secluded bay lies a small island, Kosljun. The island is idyllically situated and houses a Franciscan monastery and gardens, in summer months a regular ferry by boat offers visitors the opportunity to visit the island and walk around the gardens an monastery.

Beaches on Krk
Beach Vela Plaza is located in Baska in the south and it is one of the most popular Beaches on the island with fine gravel and a blue flag for cleanliness. Nearby the almost 2 km long beach are bars, night clubs, a water slide, various sport facilities and pedal boat rentals. The beach is very suitable for families with children due to the many facilities, and a great place for younger people to have a beach party.

Beach Cizici in the bay of Soline has sand and rocks and is a good beach for families with children, is surrounded by pine trees that provide natural shade and a clear blue sea great for swimming.

Beach Konobe in Punat is a nudist and naturist beach located in the south of the island. It is a fine gravel beach with a Blue Flag for the cleanliness of its beaches. There are ample opportunities for sports such as beach volleyball, tennis, picigin, mini golf, table tennis and so on. Nearby are shops and restaurants for refreshments.

Beach Stara Baska is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk, it has gravel and is only accessible by sea. Stara Baska is surrounded by pine forests and rocks it offers relaxation and different sports activities such as scuba diving, fishing and hiking.

Beach Drazica is located east of the town Krk. A rocky and gravel beach well suited for families with small children and for those who love sports. Nearby are sport facilities like tennis, beach volleyball and a part of the beach is pet friendly – nearby is the nudist beach of Politin.

Beach Jert in the west of the island, in the village Pinezici has a blue flag for cleanliness of its beaches. On the beach in Pinezici you can rent parasols and deck chairs, but there are also showers and toilets, the surrounding pine forest provides natural shade -nearby are several bars and restaurants.

Beach Paradise (Rajska Plaza) is located in the village Malinska it is a naturist beach and is located near the recreation center Haludovo. It is a wild and rocky beach just as nature created it, and surrounded by pine forest. The entrance to the sea is deep and there are no facilities on the beach Rajska plaza, so not very suited for families with children.

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