Holiday ideas for 3 days in the northern islands by Croatia4me

Visit the beautiful islands of Krk, Cres and Losinj

We from Croatia4me have some great ideas and tips to help you plan a day or more days out in specific regions in Croatia. These are just ideas you can add to your own holiday plans, you can follow the day to day ideas we have written below, or mix it all up or pick one or two items that suit you best. We just hope you will enjoy your stay in Croatia to the maximum and that our ideas and tips will give you some new insights!

Day 1

Arrival at the island Krk which can be reached by car from the mainland via a toll paid bridge, by plane on the airport of Rijeka that is located on the island, by bus from the town of Rijeka on the mainland. However, for visiting the islands you will have to use a car as public transport is not practical to get you to all the different places.

Glagolitic letter 'i' on island Krk, Croatia

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

The island has many beaches to offer, the pleasant town of Krk to visit and there are many hotels, apartments and camping’s to choose from. take a car and drive along the stone walled roads of the island, along the way you will see at some locations larger monuments that depict a letter of the old glagolitic Croatian alphabet. Drive along the coast to the south of the town of Krk and take a boat to the small island of Kosljun and walk around the quiet green island where a monastery stands. Drive along the coast and find a nice place on the beach for a cooling swim, some sun and rest! End the day with a stroll along the boulevard in Krk and take a nice dinner with sea-view.

Day 2

Take your luggage and go by car to the ferry harbour Valbiska near Pinezici, park your car in line for the ferry and buy your ticket. While waiting for the ferry take a coffee break or brunch in the nearby restaurant. The short ferry trip to the island Cres allows you some nice photogenic views of the islands and the clear blue Adriatic sea. On the island Cres drive northward along the beautifully scenic roads towards the villages on the north of the island, like ‘Beli’ and ‘Sveti Petar’ and maybe you will see the Griffon Vultures soaring in the sky. Go to one of the beaches on this part of the island and go for a short swim and relaxation on the beach. Head back along the other side of the island (part of the road is one-way) and view the western side of the island. Go all the way to the town Cres and sit down for a lunch and loo around the small town and harbour that lies secluded from the open sea.  From Cres take the main road 100 southward and follow the signs to the village of Lubenice.

Strand bij Lubenica op eiland Cres, Kroatie

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

This small and unique village beautifully located on top of a hill on the island with exceptional views is really worth a visit. Walk around the village, sit down for a drink or climb down the steep shore to the beach located below the village at sea level. Remember that you will have to climb up again too! Or just take some pictures of this idyllic located beach and visit it on another day by boat. After your visit to Lubenica drive further south to the town of Osor where the islands Cres and Losinj meet and you can cross the sea by a bridge. The town of Osor is worth a visit to with many works of art displayed throughout the town. You can either have dinner here or drive on to the town of Losinj were you can have dinner and find a place to stay for the night.

Day 3

Go for a walk along the green pine forest of the island, there are plenty of walking and even cycling roads to choose from. The island is known for it’s clear, fresh air and beneficial effects on people with lung problems. After a walk take a lunch in the nice town of mali Losinj and go for an afternoon on the beach as this islands offers many beaches and great water-sport facilities. Have a great dinner in one of the many restaurants on the island.