City walk through Čakovec

In the most north-eastern part of Croatia lies the small rural city Čakovec, idyllically located between the rivers Mura and Drava and surrounded in the south-east by fields and in the north-west by green hills with vineyards. The town is perfect for a day out! You can walk through the traffic free centre and enjoy the nice architecture, there are many café’s with terraces outside and a nice green park around the old Town.

Walking along the main street you can see the baroque Franciscan Church and monastery of St. Nicholas, which was build in 1707, and the bell tower was constructed from 1753-1757. The main street has small shops, bakeries and many terraces when walking in the direction of the park  you will walk along a beautiful building, the so-called commercial Casino which was constructed in 1903 in Hungarian Secession Style and housed rooms for card and other parlour games, a withdrawing room for ladies, a reading room and dance room.

Walking further to the park you pass a monument with an eagle on top, this is a commemoration to Nikola Zrinski a Croatian Viceroy known for his poetry and heroism! Further on in the park you will find more statues as a commemoration to Nikola and other members of the Zrinski family, which have played an important role in the history of Čakovec and the county of Medimurje.

In Hungarian the name Čakovec is ‘Csáktornya’ and is derived from the name of the count Dimitrius Csáky. In the beginning of the 13th century he gave orders to build a wooden fortification, which was later called the tower of Csáky – or in Croatian Čakov toranj.

Walking straight on into the park you will come to the entrance of the old Castle of Čakovec. In 1547 started an important period in the history of Čakovec, under the rule of Nikola Zrinski the area experienced economic and cultural growth. The castle was decorated with beautiful items and in the surrounding park sculptures of famous army leaders and monarchs were displayed. In the museum located in the castle you can see historic objects of the town and surrounding region.

Near the post office you can rent electric bikes for a bike ride through town! The bikes can be used in the area of the City of Čakovec. After registering and signing a contract (costs 50 kuna, about 7 euro) you receive a CUSTOMER CARD for using the public bicycles. You can register at the reception of the “Marija Ružić” City Pool (Športska 2, 40000 Čakovec) from 8.00 – 22.00. You can use the bikes 7 days a week from 06.00 – 21.00. Each bike station has a digital display with information about the location of the other bike stations. You can return your bike to one of these stations. Here you find more information and instructions for use of the public electric rent-a-bikes.

Tourism office of Čakovec

Kasteel van Cakovec in Medimurje, Kroatie


A pleasant provincial town in the north of Croatia, located in the province of Medjimurje which is enclosed by the rivers Mura and Drava. Situated along the borders with Slovenia and Hungary, and easy accessible by car via highways it is a perfect place to visit for a couple of days. The area lends itself perfectly for walking and cycling …

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