Nikola Tesla – the great inventor!

Nowadays, when you hear the name Tesla you may first think of the car company that produces electric cars! However, the name Tesla is derived from the Croatian born inventor, electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was born on the 10th of July in 1856 and in his birthplace, the village Smiljan in the interior of Dalmatia near the town Gospic, a thematic Memorial centre was opened in 2006 – 150 years after his birth. The location is perfect to visit on your way down (or up) the highway to your holiday destination along the Dalmatian coast. The thematic park is very well organized and consists of the newly renovated birth house of Nikola Tesla (rebuilt several times), a Serbian Orthodox church (where his father was a minister) and a multimedia centre. Furthermore, outside you can see various exhibits, one is an authentic old barn, the little stream where Nikola Tesla used to play, and for the kid’s there is a futuristic looking children’s playground.

The website of the Memorial Centre is only in Croatian, but has many photographs and even a page where all his patents (in the English language) are collected. Great for getting more detailed info about the wondrous inventions Nikola Tesla has made in his long life.

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Official website of the Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre

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