Vacation tip- Road assistance in Croatia

HAK- Hrvatski Auto Klub emergency telephone number is 1987

The road assistance club in Croatia is called HAK – Hrvatski Auto Klub – this organisation gives road assistance when your car breaks down, gives up-to-date traffic and all this is made much easier by a free app that they provide available in four languages (Croatian, English, German and Italian) .

The emergency phone number for road assistance is 1987.

You can find all Croatia traffic info  with this appHAK

With the free Croatia Traffic Info app you have access to essential travel information, like

  • Up-to-date and detailed reports on traffic conditions, like traffic flow on highways, roadworks, situation at the international border crossings, railway and ferry travel conditions and traffic restrictions due to circumstances like strong winds
  • Forecast of traffic conditions
  • Life webcams at 150 different sites throughout Croatia
  • A very practical POI – Points Of Interest – database with information about airports, banks, camping sites, hospitals, ATMs, pharmacies, national and nature parks, tourist boards and much more
  • A list of 700 fuel stations with, current fuel prices
  • A toll calculator for the highways

Roadside Assistance
In case you have a problem with your vehicle you can rely on HAK to provide you with the necessary assistance. Using the app you can press the button for help and the  24/7/365 service centre will receive your exact location and help will be on its way.

Another option provided by the app is – Where’s my car?
Especially on holiday in an unfamiliar place it is handy to be able to find the place where you have parked your car the feature ‘where’s my car’ will help you with that. To use it you just save your location when you park and find your way back with the pedestrian navigation which uses Google maps.

You can have access to road maps provided by HAK with this appHAKMAP
With this app available in four languages (Croatian, English, German and Italian) you can calculate the toll rates of the Croatian highways, calculate the fare of the ferries along the coast.

Emergency help & delivery at sea
As Croatia has a very long coastline with a lot of beautiful islands to visit during your vacation, help at sea is also facilitated by the HAK app- by pressing the ‘Help button’ on the app emergency seaside assistance will be organised.

In Croatia at a few locations you can use your own Road assistance card for ‘Show your card‘ deals
For example you get a 20% discount at the Krapina Neanderthal museum and discounts at several Hotel chains and at Spa centra Terme Tuhelj.

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