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Walking in the interior of Croatia

Discover the great variety in Croatian landscapes!


Croatia is a perfect country to go hiking. The warm climate ensures that you can walk already in early spring when spring flowers pop-up, until late in autumn when you can enjoy the beautiful colour of the autumn leaves on the trees in the deciduous forests. In the higher mountains snow will still  cover the paths in spring, but Croatia has many low landscapes in its interior where spring starts early. Each region has walking trails and long-distance walking trails, however these are not yet categorised and displayed on one site. Each region has it’s own hiking club that plans and marks it’s own trails, you can get more information at the local tourist office.

Here are some links to websites where walking trails are described, but you can really walk everywhere in Croatia.

National and Nature parks in the interior of Croatia: All National and Nature Parks in Croatia have signposted walking trails. Depending on the terrain the difficulty of these routes vary.

In the beautiful green low-lying nature parks in the river-delta’s in the east of Croatia, walking is easy as there are no mountains, look for more information at nature park Kopački rit and nature park Lonjsko polje. Also in the beautiful nature park Plitvice walking is easy on the landscaped paths along the lakes and waterfalls.

You can go walking through beautiful deciduous forests full with wildlife in the mountainous areas of the following nature parks: nature park Papuk in the east of Croatia, the nature parks highlands of Žumberak-Samobor, Risnjak, and Medvednica near Zagreb in the centre of Croatia and nature park Učka in Istria.

Zagreb: The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is on it’s northern side enclosed by a green mountainous area; Medvednica, and on the south side by the river Sava. The centre of Zagreb has many sights to see and several marked walking trails.

Varaždin: In and around the baroque town Varaždin in the north-east of Croatia there are some beautiful and scenic walking routes through the surrounding mountains, especially the area around the romantic castle Trakošcan is ideal for walking trips.

Medimurje: In the northern region of Medimurje, located between the rivers Drava and Mura, some great walking trails have been signposted and are described here.

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