Visit Jelsa on the island Hvar

The nice little town Jelsa lies on the northern coast in the central part of the lavender island Hvar. In summer months this is en excellent destination for your beach vacation, as there are plenty of accommodations, restaurants, bars and most important… beaches!

Jelsa on island Hvar, Croatia

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

It has an indented coastline with many islands, bays and rocks and is great for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.

The warm sunshine releases the smells of the dense pine forests and lavender fields on the island. Near the town Jelsa with it’s magnificent views are pebble and sand beaches for your summer rest, vineyards where you can go for wine-tastings and olive tree plantations, in the evenings you can go for a stroll through the old town of Jelsa. Visit the small rustic villages Vrisnik, Svirče and Pitve, the church of St. Mary, the church of our Lady of health, and the old town of Jelsa with the square of St. John and The Plaza.

Aglais io (European peacock) in Medjimurje, Croatia

photo ©EMRE d.o.o.

The perfect destination for a relaxed summer vacation, swim in the blue Adriatic sea, sunbathe on the numerous beaches and enjoy the local Mediterranean cuisine like fresh sea fish with olive oil and try the local high quality red wines of Hvar.

Furthermore, as Jelsa is located in the centre of the island it is the perfect base for various excursions – visit the Grapčeva cave and Humac, as well as the famous beach Zlatni rat in Bol on the nearby island Brač. For more info click here What to do on island Hvar?

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Here you find the summer event program for Jelsa

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