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Walking along the Croatian coast

Explore the Croatian coast by foot!


The Croatian coast is well known as a sun and beach destination in the summer months. However, this is also a beautiful area for walks along the coast, over the islands and in the interior of the peninsula Istria.  You can walk everywhere along the coast, walking trails are not often signposted or described. Along the coast it is not difficult following a route, and the nature parks do have nice signposted walking trails. The difficulty of these trails depend on the terrain, in Istria there are, except for nature park Učka not many high mountains, and the same applies for most of the islands. The nature regions of Velebit en Biokovo, however, consist of rough, steep rocky mountain terrain more suitable for mountain climbing than leisurely walks. But also in these mountain areas easier walking and educational trails are available.

Here are some links to websites where walking trails are described, but you can really walk everywhere in Croatia. You can always get more information about walking trails at the local tourist office.

National and Nature parks along the Croatian coast: All National and Nature parks in Croatia have signposted walking trails. Depending on the terrain these routes vary from easy to difficult.

National park Brijuni, is located on an island off the coast of Istria and is ideal for easier walks as there are no mountains on this island. The island is nice and green, can easily be reached by ferry, is full with wildlife and has beautiful tress among them a very old olive tree.

In nature park Učka, located between Istria and the interior of Croatia north of the town Rijeka, you can go for real mountain walking with panoramic views.

The tourist office of Istria has many walking trails described per region in Istria, they go along the coast or into the interior through hillsides with Mediterranean woods.

National park Northern Velebit, nature park Velebit and national park Paklenica are all located in the high mountainous region Velebit along the Croatian coast, roughly between Rijeka en Zadar. The characteristics of this rough,steep, rocky mountain landscape makes it ideal terrain for mountain activities, look at the website of these parks for more information about possibilities and activities that are organised here. Also the steep mountain region of nature park Biokovo near Makarska is ideal for mountain climbing.

Easier walking trails can be found along the coast in the  nature parks Vrana lake, Krka, the islands of nature park Telašćica, Kornati, Lastovo archipelago and Mljet.

South of the UNESCO town Dubrovnik the fishing village Cavtat is located, here are some walking trails.

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