Visit the enchanting source of the river Kupa!

We have visited the beautiful green and mountainous nature park “Risnjak” where we have sought the source of the river Kupa. It’s a nice walk, which is also suitable for children, you go there by a beautiful forest road downwards until you come to an enchanting blue-green river. When you have reached the water turn left upstream and after a few hundred meters you come to the source of the river! It looks magical with fog hovering over the water, the fairytale colour of the water and the beautiful surrounding forests where wild animals still life such as deer, foxes, and birds that sing beautifully. Take some supplies for a picnic by the water and walk another part of the route downstream along the river.

You can also walk the route ‘Razloge’ to ‘Osilnica’, just across the border in Slovenia – this well-marked trail along the river takes about 5 hours.

Some facts about the source of the river Kupa

  • The river Kupa is 296 km long and eventually flows to the town of Sisak where it enters the Sava river
  • The Kupa begins in Croatia and partly forms the border with Slovenia
  • The Kupa flows at least 1200 liters per second of water from the source up
  • The temperature of the source water is 7 degrees Celsius

How to get to the source of the Kupa?

  • There is no bus service, so you can only get there by car
  • Go to National Park Risnjak, which can be a vacation destination in itself, with its beautiful scenery, ideal for hiking
  • NP Risnjak you reach by the A6 motorway, from the coastal city of Rijeka in the direction of the cities ‘Karlovac / Zagreb’, but ling befor Karlovac you take the exit “Delnice”
  • Then go towards the town ‘Crni Lug’, from there northwards to ‘Malo Selo’, 2km after this village turn right onto a smaller road
  • After 700 meters turn left to ‘Razloski Okrug’, just after the hamlet turn right to ‘Razloge’ – find a parking space here
  • There are signs here, take the route Razloge – Kupari “(walk of about 1.5 hours)

Tip for families with children

  • There is a nice educative trail ‘Poucna Staza Leska’ which takes about 1 3/4 hours around ‘Crni Lug
  • Go from ‘Crni Lug’ to ‘Bela Vodica’ where the information centre of the national park Risnjak is located, there is plenty of parking space here
  • Along the educational trail are signs with information about the flora and fauna, geology, climate and culture of the region

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